Ordering Fillmore Farms Walnuts

Walnuts Certified Organic Raw English Walnuts

New crop (harvested October 2017) is now available.

All our walnuts are organic and taste great (and are free of cross-contamination from other nuts), but you can optionally select our premium “Ambient Air-dried” ones that are dried without flame (they are available in limited quantities each year.)

To simplify ordering (and so we can get your walnuts to you more quickly by streamlining packaging) we offer only two size options: 6 pounds and 10 pounds.

Our walnuts are harvested in October each year, then shelled and put into cold storage, awaiting your order. We strive to provide walnuts to our web store customers 365 days a year.


Since our walnuts are organic and the walnut oil is fragile, we recommend storing them in either the refrigerator or the freezer.  We keep our shelled walnuts in our cold storage facility which holds the temperature right around 36F to 40F.  Many of our customers choose to freeze them and have done so without compromising the quality.  For either method, refrigeration or freezing, we recommend double-bagging (if using freezer bags), sturdy plastic containers (eg. Gladware, Rubbermaid), or glass storage containers (Mason jars work well.)  If air can be extracted from the storage container, even better.

New crop becomes available mid-November each year.

Prices include shipping and all walnuts are from the October 2017 crop. Shipping is through United States Postal Service  ~ Priority Mail.

To purchase, please enter the number of packages you would like below and click on the button to the right showing price (includes shipping) beside your choice.

10 Pounds Raw Shelled Organic Walnuts
10 Pounds Raw Shelled Organic Walnuts – Ambient Air-dried
6 Pounds Raw Shelled Organic Walnuts
6 Pounds Raw Shelled Organic Walnuts – Ambient Air-dried


10 Pounds Raw Inshell
10 Pounds Raw Inshell Ambient Air-dried
6 Pounds Raw Inshell
6 Pounds Raw Inshell Ambient Air-dried


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