The Fillmores have been farming in Gridley since 1917. Over the years the family has grown peaches, walnuts and a number of open field crops. We started planting our latest walnut orchards in 1998. Our walnut orchards are young and will be at full production in the next few years. We are a certified organic grower. Our walnut trees thrive from organic compost and other organic soil amendments. We also foliar feed the trees several times each year. This combined with other organic, earth friendly, common sense farming practices has produced clean, high yielding orchards.

Harvest in California is in October. It is the most demanding time of year for us. From childcare to driving equipment, the whole family works as a team. We have outfitted our equipment with custom lighting to be able to harvest around the clock when rain is in the forecast. After each harvest our equipment is cleaned and returned to the shop where throughout the winter months we make custom modifications to streamline the next harvest.