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Fillmore Farms specializes in providing raw, high quality, organic English Walnuts for the discriminating consumer.

Our walnuts are grown in Northern California, one of the top English Walnut growing regions in the world. Nestled in the northern Sacramento Valley between the Feather and Sacramento Rivers and in the shadow of the Sutter Buttes, the climate, soil and water supply all combine to provide a wonderful growing environment. Combined with our emphasis on organic nutritional value, these walnuts provide a tasty, healthful treat.

In addition to being grown with our existing organic farming methods, a portion of our crop is dried at ambient air temperature (ambient air dried) and never frozen. We believe this helps preserve the flavor and nutritional content of the raw walnut.

9 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Marjorie Lyne says:

    Ordered another box of your fabulous walnuts. This year’s crop is even better than last year’s! I would not have thought it was possible. These are AMAZING nuts! Thank you for all the energy you put into your work!

  2. Michael Wright says:

    Are there any health benefits of flame-dried versus ambient air-dried walnuts?

    • Brit Fillmore says:

      Hi Michael,
      My apologies for the lateness in response. Your inquiry ended up in my spam folder and I just found it today.

      The nutritional value of both drying treatments are the same. Some customers prefer a “natural” method of drying the walnuts versus using heated air to dry them.

      Feel free to contact me at brit@fillmorefarms.com if you have additional questions.

      Thank you for choosing Fillmore Farms!

  3. Tania says:

    Dear Fillmore Farm Folks – I received my order of walnuts and WOW! They are fantastic! Very fresh, sweet and flavorful. I have had such a difficult time recently getting organic walnuts that are not rancid – it is such a relief to have found your farm! I appreciate your prompt response to my questions and prompt shipping service – and at VERY reasonable prices! Thanks a million and keep up the good work!
    Kindly, ~Tania

  4. Karen says:

    Such a pleasant surprise to receive the beautiful tastey fresh walnuts we received recently. Could not stop snacking! Will be ordering more soon. Thanks Fillmore Farms for a truly wonderful product.

  5. Marietta says:

    Are your walnuts free of OTHER TREE NUTS? My grandson is allergic to peanuts, pistachios, pecans, cashews so to be safe, we need walnuts FREE OF CONTACT WITH OTHER TREE NUTS.

    thank you

    • Brit Fillmore says:

      Fillmore Farms guarantees that our certified organic walnuts are gluten-free and are processed in a facility dedicated to processing walnuts only which are free from wheat, other gluten-containing grains, derivatives, and other allergens. Incoming walnuts are also certified organic and are brought in from facilities that are free from wheat, other gluten-containing grains, derivatives, and other allergens. We do not process any product other than certified organic walnuts in our facility.
      High quality-control standards are set in place in the gluten-free facility and staff members are educated in good manufacturing practices and food safety.
      Walnuts are a tree nut and have been known to be an allergen for sensitive persons.
      Materials and products supplied to the buyer comply with applicable Canadian and US regulations and standards set by government concerning the use, labelling and traceability of allergen-containing materials.

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